Chili Cook-off

Please join us for our March 13th Quarterly lunch and meeting. We will meet at 11:30 AM at the Lawson Community Center, next to city hall.

This will be our 4th* annual Chili Cook-Off, a very short business meeting, and a chance to hear from the utility companies and services in the Lawson area. Updates are planned from: AMEREN, Missouri-American Water, Spire, KC Web, and Redgate.

Each of the Lawson Chamber Board Members will be busy creating an award winning pot of chili. You will get a chance to sample each one and vote for the best tasting chili. Next, grab a bowl (or two) of your favorites for lunch. Feel free to enhance your chili, and add salad, fruit, and dessert to complete your lunch.

So come and join us for networking, lunch, information on area service providers, and find out what is happening with the Lawson Chamber!

(*Last year’s 4th Annual Chili Cook-off was cancelled due to inclement weather. We are sure glad we pushed this year’s meeting into March, because February 2019 has been brutal!)

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